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BE THE PILOT We will show you how it's done. Fly in the pilot seat, once airborne will give you control of the aircraft, our flight instructors will show you how. It’s exciting and an adventure with a view from the front seat that can not be surpassed. In suitable conditions we fly around Mount Macedon, over to Hanging Rock and past the Romsey vineyards and back to Riddells Creek Airfield.

For yourself or a friend…

It’s an ADVENTURE, Yes, you pilot the aircraft! Buy a “ GO FLYING” flight certificate for yourself or as a gift!

Your flight will depart from Riddells Creek Airfield located 20 min drive north of Melbourne Airport. (Allow for 50min flying and 15 min for briefing).

We use the safe and easy PayPal system so you can pay by credit card, debit card or directly from a bank account. If it is more convenient for you we can also arrange Flight Certificates orders by phone. We will email you a custom gift certificate that can be used anytime we are open, certificates are valid for 12 - 24 months. Please list the name you would like printed on the flight certificate when you order. You are welcome to bring your camera/phone for photos and if you have one a GoPro using GoPro mounts we have mounted inside the cockpit. Prior flight bookings are needed to use your certificate, call 0422-446622.


It’s an adventure, a 50 min “Fly Mount Macedon” flight, be the pilot and fly our aircraft in an AirSports sport aircraft. We will show you how - You can BUY FLIGHT CERTIFICATE HERE, see below to order . Bring your phone/camera for some great selfie photos in flight. All AirSports flying counts towards the issue of a Pilot certificate. Flight includes one months FREE membership to Recreational Aviation Australia.

Make a start by taking a flight in our twin seat sport aircraft flying with an experienced Airsports flight instructor. ‘Be the Pilot’, sit it up the front and fly around the beautiful Mount Macedon Ranges from our airport at Riddells Creek, 40 km north west of Melbourne. Yes, you get to fly the aircraft! Bring your phone/camera for some great selfie photos in flight.
More than one flight can be booked at a time for yourself of friends.

Dress for the temperature of the day, with sun glasses a good idea, No minimum age however flyer must be able to understand instructions given in English, be tall enough to reach the flight controls and see out the front windscreen, normally 12 years old. Under 18 years flyer needs on parent of guardian permission (forms available). To keep everyone safe we ask that you do not book a flight if you are unwell for any reason. Flight certificate will be sent out by email or posted if required -



Yes you can share one of the lessons with a friend if you wish, Fly with a friend on the same day and save. Two (2) introductory flights, a total of 2 hours with an instructor with two flying lessons SAVE $70. Allow at least one hour with us to cover 50 min of flying time and necessary ground briefing time, for less than $300 each. Mates Rates packages are now valid for 12 months. Normally flown on the one day however on different days if circumstances dictate, buy one as a gift and one for you!

MATES RATES PACKAGE - 2 flights $595 (for 2 persons)


Your first three (3) lessons, for the same person, flying with a flight instructor where you get to do the flying. All AirSports flying counts towards the issue of a Pilot certificate. FREE one months membership to Recreational Aviation Australia included. A great gift for yourself or a friend.

GREAT VALUE Only $890 in our TOPAZ aircraft, SAVE $100! Only one flying start package available per person. Flying Start packages are now valid for 24 months. Gift certificates will be confirmed with an eTicket.

FLYING START - 3 flights $890.


Ten (10) flying lesson course in a new model, 100 horse power TOPAZ aircraft equipped with new, modern, touch screen, electronic (EFIS) flight instrument panels. Save $600 by not paying for instructor ground briefing time, it’s all included, and also save an extra $450 by not paying for the sitting/marking and debriefing of 3 written aviation knowledge exams, its all included. The TOPAZ is a modern aircraft, it’s comfortable and quiet, A 60 min flying lesson includes 50 min flying and 10 min briefing. Package includes 10 flight training lessons in the Topaz sport aircraft. Certificates can be purchased electronically using your credit card or PayPal or if you prefer with real money from us at Riddell Airfield, please book a time for us to be available to assist.



A FREE hard cover pilot log book is included with a Learn to Fly course package, a FREE pilot carry bag for all your books is included, the first month membership to Recreational Aviation Australia is included FREE . AirSports also includes the use of a clean aviation headset FREE of extra charge to start with. As a precaution with COVID19 were ask you to purchase your own pilot headset, after your initial flights (where we use cleaned Airsports headsets), new headsets are available at the flying school for very reasonable prices. They can also be ordered online, click HERE.

Pre and post flight briefings are INCLUDED FREE there is NO extra charge, All written exams, sitting and debrief, are included FREE of extra charge and finally there are no penalty charges for your flight test if you completed your training with AirSports (Save up to $1500 compared to other flying schools!)
More flight training details see our

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Please accept our invitation to visit our airfield, drive-in or Fly-In, we would be happy to show you around. When you are ready to make a flight booking, or visit, please call us first on 0422-446622 to make a time. If you would like to order a Gift Certificate by phone (instead of an internet order) please feel free to call.

Fine Print : Flyers must be able to understand instructions given in English. No minimum pilot age to take an introductory instructional flight however flyers need to be able to safely reach and use the flight controls under the supervision of a flight instructor. The minimum health standard is that required to drive a motor vehicle. Maximum pilot weight limits may apply. Gift certificates are not refundable. We ask that you do not visit if you have caught COVID 19 in the last two weeks. Please note the above flying video we have used was taken outside Australia where aviation regulations are more relaxed, you will have just as much fun with Airsports only flying a little bit further away from cloud!

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