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Be the pilot! Learn how to fly one of our superb modern sport aircraft.


Full Pilot Certificate training courses are NOW available.

A flight training package includes
10 flying lessons in a twin seat RAAus and CASA approved aircraft, a FREE heavy duty carry bag, a FREE full size hard cover pilots log book. Preflight and post flight briefings are included, and all written exams, are included FREE of extra charge. AirSports also provides you with FREE additional ground based supplementary briefings (this will save you $'s), also we include the use of an aviation headset FREE of extra charge (we don’t force you to buy one yourself). If you do want your own headset, we have them available at our pilot supplies shop.


Includes 10 flight training lessons in the Topaz, or Texan Light Sport aircraft.

Each lesson runs for an average of 1 hour with typically 15 minutes of briefing time (pre or post flying) and on average 45 min of flight time. Initially all lessons will be "dual" with a flight instructor and as skills improve some of the training will be completed "solo". There is no extra charge for any additional time spent just before or after a flying lesson with a flight instructor.

Yes, you can buy a flight training package online using a safe and secure
PayPal service (credit card or bank account). A FREE "getting started" flight training pack is supplied including a hard cover pilots logbook, a pilots aircraft manual (USB), AirSports training notes along with a training manual carry bag.

A pay as you go option is available, the same quality of training however not all the free extras are included with this option.


Ten (10) flying lessons (45 min flying, 15 min briefing) includes many extras and a free one month subscription to Sport Pilot magazine and Recreational Aviation Australia.

For high quality flight training our Package Deal is great value! Of course if you find it more convenient to "pay as you go" we will be happy to accomodate you.

After the first package has been purchased, additional 10 flight training lesson packages can be purchased, for either dual or solo flight as required. As bank fees are high payments made by cash will reduce the price a little.

Fly with us at our close to the city and country airfield. All training is completed at our airfield, no need to fly somewhere else to complete your flight training. We fly late model and new aircraft, no 40 year old clunkers at AirSports. During daylight saving we fly late so you can have a flight lesson after work.


An introduction to flight training in an AirSports aircraft lasts about about 45min. We will email you a custom gift certificate that is valid for 6 months. Please list the name you would like printed on the gift certificate when you order.

A 45 min Trial Instructional Flight.

Includes a free one month subscription to Sport Pilot magazine and Recreational Aviation Australia.
Recommended by AirSports!

We show you how it’s done. Once we are airborne the instructor will give you control of the aircraft and give you a start on building your flying skills and flying experience. In suitable conditions we would fly around the Mount Macedon ranges, over to Hanging Rock and past the Romsey vineyards through our flight training area and back to Riddell airfield.

We use PayPal as a payment system, if this payment system by credit card will not work for you call us on 0422 446622 and we will arrange a Gift Certificate by phone using your credit card.

Please accept our invitation to visit our airfield, drive-in or Fly-In, we would be happy to show you around. When you are ready to make a flight booking, or visit, please call us at 0422 446622.

AirSports Flying School. Australia's first sport/lightweight aircraft business and Australia's oldest sport aviation flight training school.
Fine Print : Need to know; Pilots must be able to understand instructions given in English. No minimum pilot age to start flight training however minimum solo flight age is 15 years. Minimum health standard is that required to drive a motor vehicle. Maximum pilot weight limits may apply. Flight training lessons include primarily dual flying with an instructor and the first 3 hours of solo flight due to the supervision required. After that time solo flying is paid for at a reduced rate. Prepaid flying, or flying packages are not refundable. Prepaid flying packages can be used at any time and you are protected from any price increase for 12 months. A small fee increase may be required after 12 months for any unused flying hours. Flight training packages expire 3 years from the date of issue. In exceptional circumstances a refund can be requested by the pilot during the currency period of the flight training package. A cancellation fee of 20% is applied to the remaining unused flying hours. Flying hours used are calculated and priced at the normal non discounted rate.

Airsports Flying School
Riddell Airfield
280 Websters Road,
Riddells Creek, 3431
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